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Improving skills and/or having fun? That is what the W&H (Winning & Happiness) courts stand for. The colourful courts consist of modular floors and can be put together yourself with different furnishing materials. The Winning & Happiness courts respond to various trends and developments and are perfect for clubs, public spaces and schools! Read more about this new exercise concept.


Multifunctional sports field

The Winning & Happiness courts serve as a multi-purpose sports field on which to play sports and games. With the various options that can be added, the courts are versatile and multifunctional. The courts serve young and old and the level does not matter, the users can add their own interpretation.

Hard side = winning

Sport, of course, is often about pushing boundaries in a more ambitious sense. Improving your skills within sport to become the best version of yourself. Training and improving your skills is what courts can offer. A court can be put together sport-specific for a club. For example, a W&H court for football can consist of a footvolley wall, teqball table and a panna pitch. In this way, you offer users every opportunity to improve their skills.

Soft side = happiness

Besides the competitive part of sport, it is also increasingly important for mental nurturing. Apart from all the hectic activity, sport allows you to come to yourself for a while. In addition, sport represents coming together with others, the world around us. Sport makes people smile, it has a positive impact on mental health. Playing, moving, having fun and meeting each other. These courts lend themselves perfectly to having fun at any time with different people around you.

Interactive sports

The custom-made courts also have the option of being furnished interactively. For example, there is a plus variant of each category. In the plus variant, Urban SmartGoals poles are added to the court. This way, you can add interactive elements and make the court even more attractive to use. In addition, the Urban SmartGoals poles generate data allowing users to measure themselves and keep improving.

Frequently asked questions

Custom made

The courts can be put together entirely based on the client’s needs. A needs assessment is done and the available space is considered. On that basis, we provide the desired W&H court.

Colourful and attractive

When a sports field looks attractive, it invites more people to play sports. The modular sports floor of the W&H courts is colourful and attractive and this attracts more people. The floor is available in all colours and can be fully customised with lines, printing and any logos.

For any location

The Winning & Happiness courts are suitable for any location. For instance, they can be put together for public spaces based on needs assessment and available space. They can also be designed specifically for sports. Think of a football pitch with all kinds of football components or a hockey pitch with only hockey components. A court can also be designed for school playgrounds. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us!