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Outdoor fitness

In our delivery program we have four lines of fitness equipment for outdoor fitness: the 'NATURE'-line, ‘MODERN’-line, outdoor fitness by Dr. Wolff and for new sports such as street workout, calisthenics and CrossFit we have a multifunctional device; Calisthenics CustomBars. In cooperation with Train4Life® we have developed activation modules for our 'NATURE'-line machines to motivate and use your outdoor fitness location correctly. Suitable for public areas, exercise parks and urban sports parks. Download here the digifolder outdoor fitness!


Sports in and outside the gym

In 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 virus made exercising in a group a lot more complex. Nevertheless, the need for exercise remained great. The increase in the use of outdoor sports appeared to be a logical consequence. Outdoor sports became the only option given the pandemic. However, many athletes became attached to the fresh air while training their strength, stability, mobility and endurance. We try to stimulate the passion for outdoor fitness and strength training in public spaces. On the one hand, we do this by keeping our product range diverse, so that young and old, beginners and advanced users all have the fitness equipment they need. On the other hand, we are in constant dialogue with municipalities, sportsmen and women and other stakeholders, enabling us to incorporate their feedback into the development of innovative exercise concepts.

Continuous development ensures innovation

Thanks to the input from the market and our knowledge of outdoor sports, the SmartGoals Urban SkillCourt was created. One of the winners of the Sports Facilities Innovation Award 2021, it makes outdoor sports even more attractive. In Rotterdam, the innovative SkillCourt is combined with outdoor fitness, allowing strength training to be perfectly alternated with sport-specific exercises.

Strength training and body weight exercises

For both beginners and advanced athletes, strength exercises using only body weight are sufficient. It is therefore not necessary to go to the gym to train with weights. Calisthenics is a popular example of this. This method of strength training uses only a piece of fitness equipment that is actually just a rack. Our Calisthenics CustomBars line offers no less than twelve different multi-functional machines/racks, allowing for a complete strength training regime using only body weight.

Designing the public sports area in a natural way

Working out in the open air is great, but a lot of outdoor fitness equipment can create a disturbing street scene. The “NATURE”-line changes this. All our fitness equipment in this line is made of hardwood Azobé (Bongossi) and stainless steel and therefore has a very natural look. These hardwood fitness equipment can even be found in the dunes of Zandvoort.

More exercise for the elderly

The health of young and old is very important. There has been a lot of attention in recent years for the declining number of young people. Thanks to the initiative More Exercise for the Elderly, opportunities are created for older people to exercise. Not only is this crucial for the physical condition of the elderly, the psychosocial aspect also plays a major role. By means of the ‘MODERN’-line, we have expanded our product range in such a way that the elderly are also given the opportunity to train in the open air.

Would you like to equip an outdoor gym or public space with outdoor fitness equipment?

Thanks to our extensive range of outdoor fitness equipment, we offer the possibility to design any outdoor space completely according to your wishes. Our four different outdoor fitness lines all have their own distinguishing features. Please contact us for personal advice!

Frequently asked questions

  • What outdoor fitness equipment are there?

    In our delivery program we have 4 lines of outdoor fitness equipment: the ‘NATURE’-line, ‘MODERN’-line, ‘outdoor fitness by Dr. Wolff’ en de ‘Calisthenics CustomBars’. The fitness machines of the ‘NATURE’-line are made of (FSC certified) hardwood Azobé (Bongossi)* and stainless steel and therefore have a very natural look. The fitness machines of the ‘MODERN’-line are made of stainless steel and have a luxurious, modern and challenging look to make young and old move. Calisthenics CustomBars is a multifunctional machine. Thanks to its modular design, CustomBars is suitable for various goal groups and applications. Calisthenics CustomBars can be configured according to your own wishes, for every budget and based on available space.

  • Can W&H Sports also take care of the installation of the equipment?

    Yes, W&H Sports will work out a plan together with the client and upon approval, our assembly partner will take care of the installation. Of course, a client can also take care of this in-house if desired.

  • Which substrates are often used for outdoor fitness equipment?

    When it comes to (falling) surfaces, there are various possibilities, such as artificial grass, plastic or wood chips. In addition to the fact that we take into account the right falling ground, you can also choose a ground that best suits the appearance of your location.

  • Can W&H Sports outdoor fitness equipment also be equipped with online exercises?

    They certainly can! In cooperation with Train4Life® we have developed activation modules for our outdoor fitness equipment to motivate and use your outdoor fitness or street workout location correctly. By scanning a QR code, instructional videos can be viewed and as an extra option, training programs for beginners, experienced and advanced can also be used.

Outdoor fitness equipment

Outdoor fitness offers countless possibilities. For this reason we offer four different lines of outdoor fitness equipment. The ‘NATURE’-line, ‘MODERN’-line outdoor fitness by Dr. Wolff and the Calisthenics CustomBars. These outdoor fitness machines are very robust and therefore suitable for public spaces, sports clubs, parks, recreational areas, campsites, bungalow parks and hotels.

Sports rack outside

Looking for the suitable outdoor fitness equipment for your outdoor sports environment? We have a wide range of wooden fitness equipment and stainless steel outdoor fitness equipment. Thanks to this wide range, every (public) sports area can be equipped with the right outdoor fitness equipment, so that every athlete can perform his or her exercises optimally. The complexity of the exercises that can be performed on the equipment varies enormously. This makes it possible for us to put together a complete outdoor gym or outdoor fitness park for every level of fitness. Customised work is also possible. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!