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Sports Equipment Storage

We have various sports equipment storage solutions like storage trolleys for balls and material in our delivery program. We have various ball trolleys and material trolleys in our delivery programme. Ideal for storage in your storageroom or for efficiently moving balls and equipment. We can also make your material or ball trolley based on specific wishes or dimensions. We can also provide ballcarts and/or ball containers with removable or fixed wheel sets.


Buy a ball trolley

The ball trolley is the solution for every football club, volleyball club, korfball club or basketball club! With the help of these ‘trolleys’ players, trainers, pupils or teachers can easily bring their balls to the playing field. In addition, the trolleys offer the possibility to furnish the ballroom efficiently. The ball trolleys are stackable and offer theft protection. We supply aluminium ball trolleys suitable for 10, 16 and 20 balls. They can be fitted with removable and fixed wheels. With the optional anti-theft strip, the ball trolley is also suitable for balls with ball sizes 3 & 4. Our ball trolley is protected by the ‘Benelux Design Right’ and the OHIM design right (throughout Europe). The ball trolleys contribute to a longer life as the balls are no longer dragged along the ground in a ball bag or ball net. Ideal for sports clubs, football schools, schools and kindergartens.

Properties of a ball trolley

The ball trolley is made of aluminium and therefore much lighter than alternative carts. The ball carts are equipped with a locking plate so the balls can be easily secured. The ball trolley are also equipped with a handy handle. The ball carrier is delivered as a kit and can be assembled within 10 minutes. This makes the carts user-friendly for transport. Because the ball trolleys are stackable, users can store their balls neatly in the equipment room or ball room.

Ball trolley for football

Looking for a ball carrier for your football training? Then we have what you are looking for! With our ball trolley you can bring the balls to the pitch in an efficient way and clean up easily after use. By storing the balls in the ball trolley, you can keep the ballroom / equipment room neat and tidy. The open construction of the carts ensures that balls dry faster. By providing the ball trolley with a number or code, it is also easier to keep track of the management. Players and trainers can immediately see where and how many balls are missing after a training session or match. Inflating the ball also has its advantages. When all the valves are in the right direction, you can pump up the balls in no time. Many football clubs have already done this.

Ball container

The ball trolley as we offer it is also called ball container. In some cases a club chooses to put balls in a container that is usually used for waste. This does not benefit the quality of the balls as they are not able to air properly. In addition, the containers are not stackable and therefore inefficient for storage. Our ball container / trolley has an open profile, is stackable, light and can easily be moved. Durable and inexpensive!

Ball cart

We also offer ball carts made of galvanised steel. The swivelling transport wheels make them easy to move. The balls are freely accessible in this steel ball trolley. All kinds of balls can be stored in this ball cart, such as footballs, volleyballs, basketballs and handballs. Due to the steel construction, this ball cart is very robust and durable. Ideal for your equipment or storage room.

Frequently asked questions

  • In what versions are the ball trolleys available?

    The ball trolleys are available in various versions, namely for 10, 16 and 20 balls. All models can be fitted with detachable or fixed wheels and are therefore easy to move. Optionally, the ball trolleys can be fitted with an anti-theft strip.

  • Are the ball trolleys also suitable for balls of a smaller size?

    The ball trolleys are also suitable for smaller ball sizes, so even the youngest pupils are catered for! The ball carrier for smaller ball sizes is based on the ball carrier for 10 balls. In the regular version it has 6 tubes but for the smaller ball sizes it has 8 tubes. The dimensions of this ball trolley are the same as the regular version and therefore it can also be fitted with the detachable or fixed wheels.

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  • Are the ball trolleys with fixed wheels also stackable?

    The ball trolleys with a fixed wheel set are not stackable. So always think about the desired use. Consider whether the ball trolleys should be placed in the ball shelter or stored away in some other way.

  • How are the ball storage trolleys delivered?

    The ball trolleys are delivered as a kit. The recipient also receives clear assembly instructions upon delivery.

  • Should I choose a detachable or fixed wheel set?

    When choosing a ball carrier, you can choose between two types, namely: a ball carrier with a detachable wheel set or a fixed wheel set. The advantage of the first type is that you do not need to buy as many wheels as ball trolleys. As not all ball-carts are used at the same time, the wheel sets can be ‘divided’. Furthermore, the ball trolleys with detachable wheels are stackable, which saves a lot of space in the ball loft. In the case of the fixed wheel set, the transport wheels are permanently attached to the ball trolley. The fixed wheel set is delivered as part of the construction kit and you assemble it yourself. The advantage of this is that it can also be removed from the ball trolley.

  • What is the delivery time of the ball trolleys?

    The delivery time of the ball trolleys is 1 to 2 weeks if in stock.