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We were the official supplier of Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 and Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017. In addition, in recent years we have been able to set up many hockey facilities throughout the Netherlands, including Little Switzerland, Kampong and many others. With our quality concept 'score with quality' we offer an 8 year guarantee on the welded parts of the aluminium construction and many materials are supplied with TÜV certificate. Download the digifolder hockey here!


W&H Sports supplier of Hockey goals and Hockey materials

We offer a wide range of different types of hockey goals and other hockey materials. The above mentioned hockey equipment is suitable for hockey clubs of all performance levels. This is reflected in our references. Both hockey clubs in the highest leagues and local hockey associations use our qualitative hockey goals, hockey dug outs, hockey boards, hockey ropes and side boards (also called impact boards or hockey boards).

High diversity of our hockey equipment

As described above, our hockey equipment is developed for and used by players of all levels. We do not only supply hockey goals, hockey boards and hockey ropes for hockey but also for indoor hockey!

Safety, durability and quality

Buying hockey goals is not an everyday investment for hockey clubs. It is therefore very important that well-considered decisions are made based on accurate information. If there is a lack of information, we therefore recommend that you contact suppliers of hockey goals about important information such as:

  • Is the net security/net attachment of the hockey goal designed safely? Protruding hooks can cause dangerous situations, as they can rust or break off over time.
  • Are the welds on hockey goals machine welded or hand welded? Practice has shown that hand welded seams are stronger and therefore last longer!
  • What does the inside of the goal profile look like? As almost every hockey goal looks the same, it is important to know how it is constructed internally. We strongly advise against buying a hockey goal without knowing how the aluminium profile is reinforced internally. The internal profile largely determines the quality and durability of a hockey goal.
  • In addition to the previously described net attachment, it is also important to obtain information about the net suspension. A clear net elevation prevents the bounce of a hockey ball when it is pushed into the goal net.

Training materials hockey

Without the right training, it is impossible to perform on match days. In addition to the equipment for hockey fields, we also supply the most important training materials. A frequently used product is the hockey rope to separate the playing fields quickly and easily. Hockey ropes are easy to move and can be laid in various forms. Hockey beams for field and indoor hockey are also used for field separation. We also have a wide range of mini hockey goals and youth goals. Our youth goals are equipped with transport wheels and are therefore easy to move.

Frequently asked questions

  • What hockey goal do I need?

    Hockey games are played on hockey goals measuring 366 x 214 cm. Indoor hockey games are played on indoor hockey goals measuring 300 x 200 cm. These indoor hockey goals are also available in collapsible versions.

  • What distinguishes the hockey goals of W&H Sports from other providers?

    The hockey goals of W&H Sports are fully welded. This prevents panels or profiles from loosening over time and/or the formation of rust on separate fasteners. In addition, the goal profiles are provided with a hook-less net lock so that the goal does not contain any dangerous, protruding parts. Safe, durable and optically very attractive. The goal profiles can be fitted with an anti-theft strip so that the nets are always neatly and securely secured. The goal profile (colour white) has an aluminium rectangle profile (75×50 mm) with rounded corners and the wall thickness of the profile is 5 mm and is reinforced internally by a recessed round profile. The goal profiles have been specially developed to absorb the impact of the hockey balls as efficiently as possible. The aluminium profiles are placed in the goal profile and then welded all around. The free net suspension prevents the Ricochet effect (rebound of the ball). This prevents cracks on the weld. Our hockey goals are standard equipped with double transport wheels so that the goal can be moved lightly and easily. Our goals are suitable for intensive match use and are used at the highest level (Rabobank Hockey World Cup and Rabo EuroHockey Championships).

  • What is the warranty period of the hockey goals of W&H Sports?

    An important pillar in the purchase of new hockey goals are the guarantee conditions. Each supplier applies different conditions. At W&H Sports there is an 8-year warranty on the welded parts of the hockey goal. The goals are therefore part of our quality concept.

  • What do I need to look out for when buying a hockey goal?

    There are a number of things to pay attention to when buying a hockey goal. For example, one can pay attention to the way the nets are secured. This way you want to prevent that there are protruding net hooks on the goals. These can rust (in the case of metal) or weathering (in the case of plastic) over time and are also unsafe to use. The welds can also show a difference in quality. For example, have they been machined or done by a skilled welder (in practice many times stronger). In addition, it is important to know whether aluminium profiles are welded to the goal profile or whether they are first placed in the profile and then welded all around. The last option is desirable and prevents cracks from forming on the welds. It is also possible to make a check on the internal reinforcements. This is of course difficult to check from the outside. Always ask the supplier if internal reinforcements are used. Hockey goals that are not internally reinforced have a considerably shorter lifespan. What you could also include in your assessment is the net suspension. A free net suspension prevents the Ricochet effect; the rebound of a ball when shot hard into the goal net. This catches the speed of the ball.

  • What are the dimensions of a hockey goal?

    There are different types of hockey goals and their dimensions vary. A professional hockey goal meets the measurements and safety requirements set by the KNHB. Hockey goal: A hockey goal is 3.66 meters wide and 2.14 meters high. The goal posts and goal bar are rectangular, 5 cm wide and 7.5 cm thick. The percussion board is 3.66 metres wide and 46 centimetres high. The percussion boards on the side have a length of (at least) 122 centimetres and are 46 centimetres.


We supply dugouts in various designs and sizes. Our dug-outs can be provided with various options, such as RAL colour, seating, storage space, clothes hooks, LED lighting, etc. It is also possible to provide dug-outs with transport wheels so that they can easily be moved.

Hockey materials

Within our delivery programme for hockey, we offer various hockey materials. In addition to our extremely solid aluminium hockey goals, we also offer: battle boards for field fencing, hockey balls for hockey and indoor hockey, hockey ropes, corner posts, corner flags, entire speed hockey courses and modular hockey floors.

Indoor hockey

We have a large number of sports and equipment materials for indoor hockey in our delivery programme. Thanks to these materials, it is very easy to temporarily furnish a bladder hall or sports hall (with several types of users). With this in mind, our indoor hockey goals are offered in a fixed and collapsible version. The indoor hockey balls are also easy to move. This is a must when flexible deployment is desired. The use of transport trolleys makes the layout and clearing of playing fields even easier.