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The Urban SkillCourt is an innovative interactive solution to get people physically active in the public space, where sports and gaming come together! It is ideal for sports fields, school playgrounds, exercise gardens and public spaces. The Urban SkillCourt can be set up completely according to your wishes and can also be equipped with furnishing materials such as football goals, fitness equipment, LED screens, etc. The freely adaptable layout offers endless possibilities, tailored to the specific needs of a city, public space or sports facility. In addition, we offer various fixed configurations, such as the SmartGoals circle, triangle and square. By means of an app, users can practice various sports such as football, fitness, hockey and boot camp on the SkillCourt. Download the digi-folder SmartGoals SkillCourts here!


Multifunctional sports court

The SmartGoals Urban SkillCourt is an interactive multifunctional court on which sports can be played with a permanent arrangement of SmartGoals. The courts are suitable for young and old. For the youth, it is an excellent opportunity to stimulate their motoric development. For older people, it is important that they continue to exercise, as this brings physical and mental benefits.

We have recently constructed Urban SkillCourts in Rotterdam and at SV Longa’30.

Sport and play

An Urban SkillCourt is a place where sports and games come together; this is also referred to as gamification. There is currently a gaming culture among young people. Young people would rather crawl behind their Playstation than go outside to play with their friends. It is a serious challenge to get this generation moving again. With the SmartGoals Urban SkillCourts, we try to stimulate young people to exercise. We do this by combining sports and games on the courts.

Interactive play

You can challenge yourself, but it is also possible to challenge other people. Each user can create his own profile in which the personal results become visible through a FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) card. This interactive challenge provides an experience with
This interactive challenge provides an experience with a game element so you can get the most out of yourself, challenge each other to sport and exercise or train at your own desired level.

Outdoor sports

Partly due to the corona restrictions, the popularity of outdoor sports has increased. There are declining memberships in sports clubs, because the popularity of independent sports is increasing. This allows people to determine their own times and has no obligations. Municipalities can stimulate this by offering an interactive exercise concept, such as SmartGoals Urban SkillCourt.

Healthy lifestyle

Creating a healthy living environment will play an increasingly important role in society. There is an increase in overweight in various age categories. This group will have to be put into motion.

In addition, COVID-19 has also had an effect on the movement of the population. Due to the various lockdowns, gyms and clubs were closed, causing the population to exercise less.

Vital sports park

At SV Longa’ 30 we have played a role in creating a vital sports park. In a vital sports park, it is possible to play many different types of sports and games. With the construction of the Urban SkillCourt, we have contributed to this. This makes SV Longa’30 a good example of a club that is committed to stimulating motor development, running training, exercise education and the practice of multiple sports.

The various facets of SV Longa’30’s vital sports park can also be reserved. Associations, companies, schools, BSO and other groups can make use of them. In this way, SV Longa’30 can earn back the investment they made to create the vital sports park.

Collecting data

A municipality can gain more insight into the extent to which people play and play sports. It is possible to use a platform to monitor all activities per target group. Via this platform, it is possible to see, for instance, when and how often the SkillCourt is used.

Sporting meeting place

An Urban SkillCourt is a suitable meeting place for young and old. You do not have to be a member of an association and you can set your own times.
For young people, the focus is on having fun while stimulating their motoric development. For older people, the focus is on exercise and also on social contact with others.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is SmartGoals?

    SmartGoals is an interactive training system with LED lighting that can be used for sports training or recreational use. There are all kinds of ‘movable’ and permanent variations available.

  • What is an Urban SkillCourt?

    The Urban SkillCourt is suitable for practicing various sports and for various target groups: from young people to the elderly, from sports clubs and boot camp clubs to families and individual users. The Urban SkillCourts are available in various configurations and sizes, depending on the target group, the intended location and the desired dimensions. A configuration of an Urban SkillCourt can easily be expanded with, for example, outdoor fitness/calisthenics.

  • Which target group is a SmartGoals SkillCourt for?

    You can find SmartGoals SkillCourts everywhere. In the middle of a residential area, at a train station, shopping centre or on the premises of a sports club. With its interactive features, it responds well to the growing demand (among young people) for gamification. But the SkillCourts are also ideal for personal trainers, boot camps and individual athletes!

  • What are the advantages of an Urban SkillCourt?

    The SmartGoals SkillCourts bring sports and gaming together. People are triggered by the interactive features and are challenged through an app. This app contains various game modes, allowing the user to easily change the game form.

Public space

A public play area stimulates exercise in a neighbourhood. By constructing an Urban SkillCourt, the municipality gives something back to the residents. An Urban SkillCourt also serves as a sporty meeting place in a neighbourhood.

During the layout of an urban court, the residents’ wishes can be included. This increases neighbourhood participation.


Sport and play come together. An example of a vital sports park is Longa’30. This innovative club has installed a moving garden/SkillCourt. This exercise garden can also be booked by outsiders, which means that Longa’s investment in the SkillCourt pays for itself.

Due to the multifunctional layout of the sports park, the exercise garden appeals to a large target group.


Encouraging the motor development of young people is extremely important. Children spend a large part of their time at school. The schoolyard of the future has been transformed by the increasing interest of young people in gaming. The convergence of games and gaming in the schoolyard keeps students motivated and challenged. Various educational games are possible on an Urban SkillCourt, allowing pupils to learn on the move.


Sport has a positive influence on health. For the elderly, it is, among other things, important to keep moving. Because of the multifunctionality of an Urban SkillCourt, a lot is possible on SkillCourt for the elderly as well. For instance, they can work on their physical condition in the form of rehabilitation training.

In addition to the elderly, there are also children with a need for care. For these children too, the courts can be used for their recovery and rehabilitation.