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Quality, durability, circularity & safety

Delivering quality and service is of great importance to us. For example, the quality concept: ‘scoring with quality’ was introduced in 2014. Circularity and sustainability are becoming increasingly important cornerstones within our organisation. This is also reflected in our initiatives: GreenMatter and Take Back & Recycle. With the concept ‘SoccerSafe’ we want to inform soccer clubs about the safe use of soccer goals.

  • Download here the digital brochure about the Quality Concept.
  • Download here the digital folder of GreenMatter.
  • Download the digital folder of the Take Back & Recycle service here!
  • Download here the certificate sustainability and Take Back & Recycle

Quality concept

As a supplier of high-quality materials, we have developed the quality concept of ‘scoring with quality’. This concept means that on many products we give a guarantee of no less than 8 years on the welded parts of the aluminium construction and that these materials are also supplied with a TÜV certificate (tested for quality standards DIN/EN).


Green does matter; or in other words, GreenMatter. Artificial grass is often seen as waste when it is replaced, but we see it as a valuable raw material to process into new sport-related products. With GreenMatter we ensure that the growing waste mountain of artificial turf pitches will be reduced by developing and producing products from recycled artificial turf.

Take back & recycle service

In times when raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce, the subject of ‘recycling or reuse’ is becoming more and more important. Plastics, aluminium and steel are extremely suitable for recycling into new products. That is why we offer our clients a new service called Take Back & Recycle service. To support this service, we also offer a Take Back & Recycle warranty certificate.

Football safety

More and more often, sports parks are made public and sports are carried out without supervision. Partly because of this, some children have suffered (serious) injuries due to the tilting and toppling of movable goals. In order to prevent the goals from tipping over, they need to be anchored or weighted down. This is the only way to prevent unwanted tilting of goals when, for example, children hang on them or climb or fall over as a result of strong winds or storms. Prevention is better than cure. Via VoetbalVeilig.nl we inform football clubs about the safe use of football goals.