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Outdoor fitness by Dr. Wolff

Dr. Wolff's multifunctional training devices have been developed according to a sports science training concept for training in the open air. Complete training programmes can be performed on each device. Due to the modern look of the stainless steel equipment, it fits into any environment (parks, public spaces, etc.). The devices are TÜV, GS and ISO certified according to DIN EN 16630:2015-06 and DIN EN 1176-1:2017. In addition to performing workouts, the devices also offer the possibility for walkers to sit comfortably. The fitness equipment of the bamboo line can also be fitted with GreenMatter decking. These deckings are made of recycled artificial grass from artificial turf fields that need to be replaced and are therefore circular.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Dr. Wolff?

    Dr. Wolff is a German expert in the field of preventive sports and health promotion. Dr. Wolff has been working in the field of back pain prevention since 1993. Back problems are incredibly common and recovery requires targeted training, control and monitoring. Dr. Hartmut Wolff has developed diagnostic and training systems for this, which are leading in Europe. He has developed the first outdoor sports equipment line based on the latest sports science findings and implemented it for the public space together with the specialists from TURNBAR.


  • Why choose Dr. Wolff fitness equipment?

    Our daily lives require strong, posture-stable muscles. The machine trio is designed to meet these requirements, which sets it apart from (mostly) mobile fitness equipment for strength training. The three high-quality, multifunctional fitness stations together form a holistic training circuit for practising movements that promote active stabilisation of the body. Each exercise strengthens the muscles of the back, abdomen, neck, legs and arms. legs and arms. Sample exercises are shown on all units.

  • What are the advantages of outdoor fitness by Dr. Wolff?

    This fitness line offers several advantages, namely:

    • No fall protection surface needed
    • This fitness line consists 100% of stainless steel
    • The fitness equipment complies with the DIN standardization
    • Tested on the basis of sport science
    • Developed by experts
    • For fitness, physiotherapy and mobility training

Outdoor fitness by Dr. Wolff

The numerous positive health effects of training outdoors are now scientifically proven. Different and cost-effective: the highly functional Dr. Wolff training equipment is ideal for outdoor sports facilities.
An efficient solution for small spaces with a double advantage: the walker finds a comfortable place to sit – the fitness athlete finds his perfect training medium for the workout.

Outdoor fitness campus by Dr. Wolff

With several Dr. Wolff machines, it is possible to create an outdoor fitness park. Athletes of every level can perform many different exercises on Dr. Wolff fitness equipment. The Dr. Wolff equipment, which is fully fitted with bamboo, requires little maintenance. We also supply the Dr. Wolff equipment with the lime/green protective pads.

The green fitnesspark

The green fitnesspark is a sustainable fitnesspark available in different configurations or can be put together yourself. The fitness equipment is Dr. Wolff’s multi-purpose exercise devices. The devices are placed on GreenMatter fitness platforms, made from recycled artificial grass from artificial turf fields to be replaced.